Best Aquarium Coffee Table To Satisfy Any Home

Best Aquarium Coffee Table To Satisfy Any Home

If you love fishkeeping, you’ll love the idea of having a stunning aquarium table as a focal point in your home. In this guide, we discuss the practicalities of keeping a coffee table aquarium, as well as highlighting some of the best products currently out there on the market. What is an aquarium coffee table … Read more

Top-Rated Aquarium Sump

Most Top-Rated Aquarium Sump For Your Tank

If you want to reduce or eliminate the need for water changes altogether, an aquarium sump can help you to do that and is a brilliant feature if you want a low-maintenance setup. The sump sits underneath the aquarium and provides additional stages of filtration, as well as performing other basic maintenance functions. Sumps are … Read more

200 Gallon Fish Tank

200 Gallon Fish Tank: Our Top Five Picks

If you’re going to go big you might as well go BIG. While it might seem like 200 gallons is a huge aquarium, this amount simply still does not compare to the natural environments that your fish are actually coming from, though your fish will definitely appreciate it. There are a couple of advantages to … Read more

Aquarium Heater

Best Aquarium Heater

One of the most important pieces of equipment you will buy for your aquarium is a heater. From my own experience and from the horror stories of others in the hobby, it is most definitely worth it to spend a little more on a reliable heater than to find a frozen or boiling tank waiting … Read more

Cory Catfish

Keeping Cory Catfish | 5 Adorable Cory Species & Care Tips

If you’re a freshwater aquarist, you’ve probably come across cory catfish before. The various members of the Corydoras genus are an incredibly popular aquarium fish and for good reason. They’ve got everything you want in a fish! Cory catfish are a peaceful community fish, easy for beginners and fascinating to watch. Some will even breed in the … Read more

Fishkeeping On A Budget

Fishkeeping On A Budget

Aquarium keeping is a notoriously expensive hobby. Contrary to what some beginners think, you don’t just need a fish tank to get started – you also need a filter, heater, substrate, fish food, water conditioner, a backup fund for medication and endless other small necessities. This can really drive up the costs, which is definitely … Read more

Golden Wonder Killifish

The Ultimate Care Guide For Golden Wonder Fish

These days, you’ll find Killifish for sale in most fish stores. The Golden Wonder Panchax is the aquarium-created strain of the striped Aplocheilus lineatus or Indian Striped Panchax. In its natural form, the Wonder Willifish can reach up to four inches in size and is popular because of its interesting coloration. Although the Golden Wonder … Read more

snail eggs

Snail Eggs And What To Do With Them

Is that a… snail? But you have never even bought a snail! How could it have gotten into your aquarium? Unfortunately, this is a story that has been heard too many times. One of the most dreaded things to happen in a freshwater aquarium is an explosion of freshwater snails; if there is one, there … Read more

Green Terror Cichlid Care Guide

Green Terror Cichlid: Colorful And Easy To Care For

Experienced aquarists with large display tanks may be interested in adding a Green Terror cichlid to their collection. These cichlids are colorful and moderately easy to care for, provided that you keep the water quality in the tank within acceptable parameters and feed your fish a high-quality diet. You can breed Green Terrors quite easily … Read more

Why Do Fish Jump Out Of Water: All The Answers

Why Do Fish Jump Out Of Water: All The Answers

In the wild environment, fish are often seen leaping right out of the water, and to the alarm of hobbyists, some tank-kept fish do that too, sometimes jumping out of the tank! But why do fish jump out of the water, how do they manage to do that, and what can you do to stop … Read more

baby dwarf tear care guide

Dwarf Baby Tears (Hemianthus callitrichoides) Care Sheet

Dwarf baby tears are one of the most beautiful and delicate foreground plants you can currently get. Their bright clusters can be used to completely cover the substrate of freshwater aquariums, creating a soft bed of lush green, or they can be used for coverage floating on the surface of the water. They demand high … Read more

Flowerhorn Cichlid

Flowerhorn Cichlid: The Ultimate Hybrid

Much ornamental fish have been selectively bred to express the most desirable and beautiful traits. Whether it’s for controlling temperament, more vibrant colors, or longer and flowier tails, breeders have tried for decades to get the most high-quality fish possible. One of these hybrids is the magnificent flowerhorn cichlid. Keep reading to find out everything … Read more

Fish Food

What Do Fish Eat? Carnivores, Herbivores, And More

It might seem like a simple question, but did you know that there are over 30,000 different species of fish all with their own dietary needs? And yes, this includes sharks (though humans are not usually on the main menu)! When considering which fish foods to buy for your aquarium, you must first consider what … Read more

Ultimate Care Tips For Banana Eels

Ultimate Care Tips For Banana Eels

An eel might not be your first choice when it comes to choosing a new fish for your marine tank. However, if you are an experienced hobbyist, and you’re looking for something different, one of these unusual, eye-catching creatures might be worth considering if you can find one available to buy. In this comprehensive guide, … Read more