15 Best Gifts For Chefs: Help Them Make Magic In The Kitchen!

Choosing a gift for a loved one is easy, but making it something they will enjoy is one of the hardest things to achieve. 

The great thing about buying gifts for chefs is that there are many products to choose from, but not all will hit the mark. There are some products that a chef will appreciate and use often, while others will collect dust or fill the junk drawer if you are not careful.

Some chefs have a favorite brand of knives, spices, baking tips, and other items they use as a matter of preference. We have some unique ideas for you that will be sure to put some sizzle in every chef’s kitchen.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

In the warmer months cooking outdoors is a gift, but most people stick to the barbeque, perhaps because they do not know about the Ooni Koda outdoor gas pizza oven.

Take the heat outside and prepare a delicious and easy meal in as little as one minute with no mess. There is no assembly with this pizza oven that heats up to 500 degrees celsius. 

Not only can you use this oven for cooking pizza with adjustable heat control, but you can also cook meat, fish, and vegetables in no time flat.


Sharpening Stone

A fabulous gift for any chef that they will use is the Sigma Power sharpening stones, used for knife sharpening on Edge Pro knife sharpeners and Hapstone. 

These premium sharpening stones are universal and are usable on all knives made of steel. Every chef needs sharp knives to keep their cuts clean, so it is a good bet to purchase these for the chef on your list.


Mauviel Copper Butter Warmer

Something that every chef would love is a butter warmer. While this is a helpful product, not all cooks own one. 

The Mauviel copper butter warmer is perfect for making sauces, melting butter, or even preparing small quantities of soup.


Mabel Home Paella Pan and Burner

Any chef will love cooking with the Paella burner. 

It is portable, lightweight, and can clean up easily, giving you extra credit for such a great and easy gift. It’s perfect for preparing for guests inside or out.


Digital Thermometer by Lavatools

No great chef leaves cooking to chance, and the digital thermometer by Lavatools will help keep any cook from burning out. A digital thermometer is an essential tool in the kitchen, and there are several types to choose from.


NoCry Cooking Gloves

Cooking gloves will not only protect the cook from cuts but will also prevent strong odors while they are preparing meat or seafood. Not only is this a necessary gift, but with a variety of gloves at different price points, it is a cost-effective one too.

If you love to cook, you might as well throw another pair in the cart for yourself. This is a handy product for anyone to have in their kitchen.


Tamagoyaki/Egg Omelette Pan

The omelet pan is perfect for any chef, especially if they do not have as much cooking space to utilize as they would like since this pan is six by six inches. It makes perfect omelets or tamagoyaki in this copper pan that will add elegance to the kitchen.


Ricardo Sous Vide Cooker

Sous vide is a popular cooking method made famous over the last few years. It is an easy and healthy way in which food is prepared. 

This gift is thoughtful and will help add new cooking techniques to the chef’s palate. If you know that the chef is health-conscious, this might be the best gift you could choose.


Stainless Steel Soap

One of the only downsides to being a chef is that your hands will smell like garlic, fish, onions, and other strong scents that linger long after the cooking, despite washing hands. 

The stainless steel soap will remove all unwanted odor from the cook’s hands. All the chef has to do is wet the soap under cold water and then rub it on hands for 30 seconds and the smell is gone. They will thank you after every meal.


FoodSaver Food Preservation System

An inconvenience for chefs is not having the proper storage to freeze or refrigerate their food or leftovers without spoiling. A food preservation system such as this will help keep leftovers tasting delicious and freezer burn is in the past.


Microplane Zester/Grater

A good chef will use zest lemons, limes, grate cinnamon, or cumin (among other foods) to apply layers to their meals and add color or finishing touch. Not only is a zester handy for any cook, but it is a cost-effective gift for you.


Compression Socks

Your favorite chef is on their feet for great lengths of time each day, and it takes a toll on their back, ankles, arches, and even calves. Compression socks are a practical gift that they may not buy for themselves, but will provide a world of relief after cooking a delicious meal.


Blundstone Boots

If the chef you are buying for spends a great deal of time in the kitchen, maybe even as a profession, then having a proper pair of boots to stand in after countless hours makes a huge difference to comfort. There are cheaper options, but if you want to treat your chef, these are a good bet.

Boots may not be a traditional gift, but it may be something that the cook has not thought of buying and is guaranteed no one else has thought to buy it for them either.


Splatter Board

One of the most frustrating things for any chef is spattering, whether grease, oil, or whathaveyou. A 3-way splatter board will help eliminate some of the mess associated with frying up some bacon or making a sauce in a skillet. 

The cost is affordable as well, which makes it an exceptional buy for anyone.


Shiitake Mushroom Log

The shiitake mushroom log kit is truly a unique gift that most chefs would love. Give your special chef the benefit of having fresh mushrooms growing right in their kitchen so they can plug the fresh ingredients on the spot and add to a meal.


Gifting Tips

If you still aren’t sure what type of gift to purchase for the specific chef in your life, here are some gifting tips to help you.

Make it Useful

If you know that the chef you are buying for likes to cook with fresh herbs, purchasing small potted herb plants is the perfect gift. Choose a few herbs you know they enjoy using in their cooking, such as thyme, parsley, or dill, and put them in a planter that is easy to keep on a porch or in their kitchen.


When you are with the cook, give attention to any items they may wish to use in the kitchen. They may even mention a particular spice they always order. Take a look around their kitchen and if you see something that is worn or not in their cooking arsenal, consider that as an option.

Consumable Gifts

Consider buying a nice bottle of wine that they are always raving about or preserves that will accompany a dessert they like to make. Consumable gifts that compliment a meal without suggesting how a chef prepares it are a good choice.

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