14 Jammin’ Gifts for Drummers: Blow Them Away With These Ideas

What gift do you get for someone whose special place is seated before some drums and cymbals with a pair of drumsticks in hand? Finding the perfect gift for a drummer might be difficult, especially if you’re not particularly into the instrument itself.

But there’s no need to worry; we got you covered. We’ve put together a collection of fantastic gift ideas that are sure to blow away all the other gifts your drummer will receive on his/her special day.

In this list of items, we’re confident you’ll find something that will get your drummer’s heart beating from excitement, just like his/her drums. Read on to find your pick and get ready to be your drummer’s favorite person.

Color Changing LED Light Up Drumsticks

What’s better than drumsticks that light up? Ones that light up and change color as well. That’s exactly what the RockStix2HD brings to the table.

Equipped with 13 unique color effects, these drumsticks provide a spectacular show as they whizz through the air. They have frosted tips and are made from polycarbonate, which is super strong and durable.

Our favorite feature and one we know your drummer will absolutely love is how the drumsticks’ lights are motion activated. As soon as you start playing, the light show commences as well to light up every beat.


Suck UK Drumstick Pens

Yep, another fun, novel idea from Suck UK and one that will catch the eye of any drummer is their drumstick pens. These are pens that double up as drumsticks and don’t let the name fool you; they definitely don’t suck

These unique drumsticks are made from wood and plastic and feel light and comfortable in your hands. The pens come in two colors, either black or blue, and you can even get a drumstick pencil as well.

The drumstick pen may come in handy for your drummer when getting a cute girl’s phone number after a killer performance.


HuaFloralBoom Soft Drum Design Blanket

This lovely blanket is made from 100% microfiber and superior hypoallergenic microfleece. It’s soft, warm and its pattern featuring drums, drumsticks, and cymbals give it an elegant, stylish look.

The blanket is surprisingly warm despite not being too thick. The hypoallergenic material also means that it won’t be an issue if your drummer is prone to allergies.

We especially love how the drum patterns are clear and detailed. After a long day of playing the drums, your drummer friend will enjoy wrapping himself in a blanket with his favorite instrument.


Nanofactor LED Wall Hanging Drum Set

If you’re looking for a gift that will have your drummer thinking of you every night before sleeping and in the morning immediately after waking up, then look no further. This drum set wall décor is sure to do the trick.

It is made from light plywood and has LED lights with the option to choose from a wide array of colors. It also comes with a pull switch feature that makes it easy to switch the lights on and off.

Easily its best feature is that you can personalize it by engraving your drummer’s name, up to 10 characters, to make the gift extra special.


ECKOI Drum Mug

This gift idea will transform your drummer’s tea/coffee drinking experience. The mug features a cute and unique drum print that makes it look like you’re drinking out of a drum.

The mug is made from ceramic which makes it suitable for both hot and cold temperatures. It is dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and can hold up to 11 ounces of your preferred beverage.


Collectible Drummer Metal Figurine

This creative gift combines metal, bolts, nuts, and screws to give rise to a fantastic drummer figurine.

The piece is 7 inches long, 7 inches wide, extends 1 inch high, and weighs about 1.6 pounds. It has a smooth polished finish that gives it a nice look and has a padded base to protect furniture.

This is possibly the coolest figurine out there that any drummer and even non-drummers would be itching to get their hands on.


Emerald Park Jewelry Drumstick Necklace

If you’re going for a more intimate approach or want to add a romantic touch to your gift, then we highly recommend the drumstick necklace. It is made from pure Stainless Steel and equipped with beautiful decorative drumsticks.

It makes for a perfect gift for both male and female drummers. It is especially great since it is hypoallergenic, and the material used is gentle for sensitive skin.


3D Drum Set Art Wall Hanging Tapestry

This tapestry features an awesome fiery skeleton playing a red drum set. It can be hung on the wall using pins, completely transforming the appearance of a room breathing life into it.

The tapestry is 80 inches long, 60 inches wide, and made from soft polyester fabric. It is machine-washable, relatively easy to clean, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

What we particularly like about this tapestry is how versatile it is. Apart from just hanging it on the wall, your drummer can also use it as a picnic blanket, sofa cover, bedspread, and even as a tablecloth.


Drumsticks Grips

These grips are a cool and useful accessory for a drummer. Their design features a ring for the drummer’s finger and a cylindrical clip on top where the drumstick is fitted.

The clip is also somewhat elastic, allowing it to stretch to accommodate nearly all sizes of drumsticks.

With this, twirling a drumstick has never been easier. Not only does it help your grip, but it also increases drumming endurance since it eliminates those annoying hand cramps and blisters you get from playing for long periods.


Electronic Mini Finger Drum Desktop

This is a fun device that literally brings drumming right to your fingertips. The mini finger drum desktop consists of five touch-sensitive drums, each with a different sound that plays on your touch.

It comes with a freestyle mode, a demo mode, as well as a record mode for you to save your incredible skills and showcase them to friends and family.

While it doesn’t compare to the actual thrill of playing a real drum set, it is an enjoyable device that your drummer will enjoy having a play around with.


Starfavor Padded Drum Seat

The last thing any drummer would want is being in the middle of a performance jamming it out then suddenly finding yourself flat on the floor. This is what the Starfavor drum seat was made to avoid.

Spiral height adjustment and thick double support legs ensure that the drummer is stable and can change their body position while playing with ease.

We love this seat because it allows the drummer to be relaxed and comfortable while playing. The design reduces pressure on the tail spine, and it’s fitted with leather-wrapped memory foam to keep the drummer’s buns sore-free.


Drummer Parking Only Metal Sign

This features a rectangular metallic street sign with the words “Drummer. Parking Only. Violators will get beat” printed on it. It measures 8 inches by 12 inches and is made from Styrene.

Its design has rounded corners with two holes at the top for mounting. It is weatherproof and thus can even be used outdoors.

The sign makes for a funny and unique decoration that can be mounted on the wall or the bedroom door. We’re sure your drummer will love it.


String Swing Drumstick Holder

The drumstick holder is a cylindrical container that’s open on one end and fitted with a frame that is mounted on a vertical stand. The frame has rubber pads that grip the stand tightly, preventing any spinning.

The pouch is relatively big with a diameter of 2.75 inches, allowing it to accommodate up to 8 pairs of regular-sized drumsticks. It has a universal mount clip that can be mounted on any drum set or pole, making it highly versatile.


Drum Dampener Silicone Drumstick

These are soft rubber tips that are inserted at the striking end of drumsticks. They are made from elastic silica, which can stretch to accommodate any drumstick head.

These simple accessories are handy for playing wooden instruments, which can be easily damaged when striking or with instruments that require a gentle touch.

We especially like how these little things are so light. This means that not only are they easy to carry, but they also don’t affect the weight of the drumstick; thus, it remains balanced while playing.


Gifting Tip: Don’t Compromise on Quality

When it comes to music instruments, drum set included, quality is a significant factor. Therefore, if you’re going to buy items such as drumsticks, snare drums, or any other part, it is better to go for the higher quality option, even if it may require you to dig deeper into your wallet. 

Trust us; your drummer will be more than grateful.

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