18 Wizardly Gifts for Harry Potter Fans: Capacious Extremis!!

Buying a gift for someone you know that is a Harry Potter fan doesn’t have to be intimidating, even if you haven’t seen any of the films or read any of the books. The best gifts for Harry Potter fans appeal to the person’s life or hobbies outside of just being a fan, like cooking, reading or make-up, while adding a little in-joke that they will laugh about.

Here are a variety of gifts you can give to your wizarding friends at a range of prices. Remember, if all else fails: give them an old sock or piece of clothing and tell them they’re free now! 

SCRABBLE World of Harry Potter

One of the best gifts you can give is something you can play together. This Harry Potter twist on the classic word board game will appeal to Scrabble and Harry Potter fans alike. 

Play it the traditional way or incorporate magical words into your game to make it more difficult for the muggles.


Harry Potter Decal Set

A great stocking stuffer or a fun gift to slip inside of a birthday card, this decal set has four sheets of decals, with many of the decals available in each of the Hogwarts colors. 

The Harry Potter fan in your life can use them to decorate a laptop, tablet, phone, or any other number of objects in the fan’s life, and don’t worry, they wipe clean, so the occasional spill won’t hurt.


Wizard Wand Make-up Brushes

Make-up is magic; it’s a real-life transformation potion. These wizard wand brushes can bring another flair of magic to a Harry Potter fan’s morning routine. 

The set includes 5 professional make-up brushes of various sizes with molded wand handles, like foundation and blending brushes. Included is a handy black and silver drawstring bag for carrying and keeping your make-up wands out of sight. 


Harry Potter Moleskine Notebook

As much as we like our digital world, sometimes people need a good notebook to write their thoughts in. For the Potterheads, this notebook is that and so much more with illustrated inserts and over 200 pages of ruled paper you can take a quill to. 

Make sure to find out the gift recipient’s Hogwarts house so you can give them the right one with each cover and hidden pockets color-coded to one of four houses.


Gryffindor Knee Socks

Do you have a Gryffindor in your life? Get your crimson and gold-loving friend these knee-high socks with the House lion logo on them. 

Handy for movie marathons or just sitting around with friends discussing plot holes. 


Hufflepuff Faux Leather Backpack

Buying a gift for a fan doesn’t mean the gift has to be obviously fannish. 

This mini faux leather backpack is bright yellow with small badgers stamped on it, a zipper tassel, and an emblem that says “Hufflepuff,” but from afar, it simply looks like a bold fashion statement. 


Hogwarts Crest Crew Neck Sweatshirt

This lightly fleece-lined distressed sweatshirt says you’re completely cool with being a massive Harry Potter fan while keeping you cozy and warm. 

The front features the Hogwarts crest formed from the four individual house crests and the school’s motto. 


‘Spells and Charms’ Unframed Print

From the college dorm to the home office, this licensed print showing all the magic spells and charms in the Harry Potter films will suit any space. 

Made out of acrylic materials that are fade, bend, and tear-proof, it could even be used as a new background for a Zoom call. The print looks aged and it’s graphic and bold with a minimalist style; just don’t forget your wand. 


‘Don’t Let the Muggles Get You Down’ Heat Reveal Mug

Nothing says that you appreciate a Harry Potter fan more than giving them an actual magic mug! 

This mug morphs when it’s exposed to heat, starting as all black when it’s cold, and then the hidden picture and text are revealed when hot liquid is added.  

The quote that is revealed, ‘Don’t Let the Muggles Get You Down,’ said by Ron in The Prisoner of Azkaban, applies to so many situations, from problems with the non-magical boss to attention-seeking kids.


‘Accio Coffee’ Engraved Spoon

With or without a heat reveal mug, this stainless steel spoon with ‘Accio Coffee’ engraved into it will be a coffee-loving fan’s new caffeine wand. 

‘Accio’ followed by an object is a charm used in Harry Potter to summon an object by the caster.

While there’s no guarantee it will actually summon coffee or make coffee appear in your cup, it’s a cute idea, and there’s also no guarantee that it won’t do these things either.


Harry Potter Vintage Snitch Bracelet

You caught the snitch and won the game! This silver and gold bracelet is made up of the winged snitch ball that Quidditch players must catch to win the game and two lengths of chain that have an adjustable clasp. 

It’s subtle enough for non-fans to think it’s just a bracelet and nice enough to wear to dinner. This makes it one of the best gifts for Harry Potter fans who want to show their love without being too obvious about it.


Ravenclaw Hanging Decoration

It’s never too early to pick up decorations for the holidays. These sorting hat decorations can be hung on a tree or a cubicle at work and can also be personalized with the person’s name who will be receiving them. 

They’re a great way for a fan to show their Hogwarts house pride.


Glasses and Scar Insulated Water Bottle

It’s called a water bottle, but it’s for more than just water. This insulated bottle with Harry’s trademark glasses and scar plus a collage of words related to magic will keep hot things hot and cold things cold.

Fans are busy people! Thanks to this bottle, a long day of writing reviews, or marathoning the entire series of films doesn’t mean you need to keep getting up and heating your beverage or adding ice. 

It also does it all without sweating and leaving the annoying water ring on your table or desk.


Etched Bamboo Cooking Utensils

Stylish and practical: check. 

Harry Potter-related: double-check. 

With these Harry Potter-themed etched bamboo utensils, a fan can cook in style. 

Treated, so they won’t stain from use and made of solid and durable bamboo, the surfaces can be used for high heat cooking and are covered with cute little pictures of Harry flying on a broom, the Marauder’s Map, and Hogwarts.


Gryffindor Stationery Set

Sometimes only a hand-written letter will do, and when that happens, you can’t expect your friend or family member to just grab a piece of ruled paper; it’s not fancy enough! 

This paper and envelope set, all branded with the logo for Gryffindor, will lend your letter an air of sophistication and power.

The set also includes a pocket journal for those private thoughts that will never be stamped and mailed. Oh yes, and don’t worry, the featured quill pen that’s included writes like magic without the need for a pot of ink. 


Harry Potter Pensieve Memory Set

Sometimes the best gifts for Harry Potter fans are the ones that allow them to re-enact parts of a movie they enjoy. 

That’s the reason we want action figures as kids. We can make up new stories and fix what we think the film didn’t do properly.

Whether the fan you’re buying for is an actual kid or a grown-up kid, this replica Pensieve memory set allows you to pretend to be Dumbledore using a replica of his wand. You can pull memories out of the Pensieve and place them into the memory vials. 

It’s also a nice decoration with a keepsake box, but that’s less fun.


Marauder’s Map Throw Blanket

You may not be able to track people on this blanket like you can the map on the film, but it will keep you warm, and it’s soft. 

It’s large, too, measuring 48 inches by 60 inches with good detail, including the line where the actual map would be folded. 

Any fan would be happy to get this as a present, and there’s no need to know about houses or favorite characters to make sure you’re getting the right one. 


Harry Potter 8 Movie Blu-Ray Collection

Every Harry Potter fan owns all the movies, right? 

Well, not necessarily, because newer fans or fans who haven’t made the jump from DVD to Blu-Ray would love to have a set with all eight films altogether with special features and documentaries on the making of the films.

When you give them this gift, make sure you let them know when you’ll be available to have a movie marathon with them and sort out who’s bringing the butterbeer and chocolate frogs.  


Tips for Improving a Harry Potter Fan’s Gift:

Harry Potter fans will appreciate it if you learn how to customize a gift for them using things like what house they’re sorted into or what type of wand they would wield, all of which are determined by quizzes online. 

Try taking these quizzes yourself and telling them your results in exchange for theirs. 

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