21 Practical Gifts For New Moms: Make Their New Life A Little Easier

Bringing a child to the world is one of life’s most precious moments. Different people mark this milestone in unique ways. 

Whether it’s a baby shower or a religious ceremony, you should never show up empty-handed. Unfortunately, gift-giving is slowly becoming a lost art form. 

However, it helps to put some thought into your gift for the new mother. Try to avoid clichés like kitchen appliances. 

This article shares a few gift ideas for new moms and outlines some gifting tips to help you along the way. 

Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

Maternal separation anxiety is a common problem among new mothers. New parents need all the help they can get. 

You can help a new mother cope by getting them a baby monitor with a camera.

This nifty little gadget has 

  • Full panoramic mode allowing control of the camera.
  • The two-way audio system makes it possible to listen to the baby and comfort the baby.
  • It also comes with night vision for monitoring the baby in the dark.


Mom Glow Self-Care Luxury Gift Box

Most people give gifts to the baby and forget the mother. It is not uncommon for a new mother to receive several onesies. 

You can break this cycle by giving a gift specifically for the mother. A self-care luxury gift box might be a great idea.

Woolzies self-care gift box contains:

  • Five different products for the mother’s enjoyment.
  • It comes with a vitamin c serum, calming sleep mist, aromatherapy candle, and hand cream.
  • All the products are independently tested and are completely safe.
  • You can get this package as a gift for $50.


Mommy Mug Set and Romper

Gifting a new mother can be tricky. Do you focus on her or the baby?

Well, with a mommy mug set and romper, you don’t have to worry about that. 

  • Everyone involved gets a gift, including the daddy.
  • The set contains two mugs with one written MOM and the other DAD.
  • It also comes with an adorable onesie and a bib to complete the set.
  • By getting this set, you don’t have to worry about shopping for three different gifts.


LEADO Mummy’s Sippy Cup

Motherhood is a full-time job, and as such, the new mother will need to refuel. A sippy cup that keeps its contents at the right temperature is a mother’s best friend. 

  • This 12 Oz cup consists of durable food-grade stainless steel.
  • The top of the cup is transparent so that you know when to refill.
  • There is no limit to what you can hold in this sippy cup.
  • The cup can hold milk, coffee, wine, tea, champagne, and juice.
  • When the cup gets dirty, she can use the included cleaning brush.


Personalized Sterling Silver Name Necklace

If the new mother loves jewelry, they will love this gift. 

  • This is a pendant necklace personalized with the name of the baby.
  • You can choose different sizes ranging from 18 inches to 24 inches.
  • Buyers also have a choice between the ball, box, and cable chain.
  • The best part is that this product comes pre-packaged in a gift box.
  • It comes complete with an organza and a tied bow. So you can gift it as is.


Pink Stork Postpartum Recovery Tea

Postpartum recovery takes more than just a few weeks. There are numerous products that can help a new mother heal after childbirth.

Pink Stork Postpartum recovery tea is one of those products every unique mother needs.

  • The tea comes from organic whole leaf tea that contains vitamins that enhance healing.
  • The individual sachets are 100% biodegradable materials.
  • The new mother will enjoy 30 cups of tea out of the packet.


Postpartum Gift Box

Finding a care package that contains all the essential things for a new mother is always challenging. 

  • This Zelica gift box contains all the goodies you would want to give a mother and a baby.
  • It includes a mug, swaddle, teabags, and bath bombs.
  • Get one of these from Amazon for that upcoming baby shower, or gender reveal party


Wine Gummies

For most new mothers, wine is off the menu while you are breastfeeding. This can be a bit too much, especially at the beginning. 

  • Fortunately, wine gummies make it possible for the new mother to still enjoy some of their favorite wine flavors.
  • The package contains Chardonnay, Merlot, and Rose gummies.
  • And yes, it is completely safe since it’s alcohol-free.


Birth Month Flower Heart Necklace

Flowers are an excellent gift for almost any occasion. The only problem is that they wilt and are eventually thrown out.

So instead of the flowers, why not try something a little more permanent, like a heart necklace. 

  • You can get this for your wife, sister, or any other loved one.
  • Each month gets a unique flower designation.
  •  A heart-shaped resin encases the month flower.


Original Cushy Closer Door Cushion

Getting a baby to sleep is harder than it seems. But, when the little one finally gets to sleep, the last thing anyone needs is a noisy door waking her/him up prematurely. 

  • Well, you can help a new mother avoid this problem by getting them a door cushion.
  • It muffles the door noise allowing quiet entry and exit into rooms.
  • It also helps prevent slightly older siblings from locking themselves in a room.


Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

One of the biggest challenges new mothers face is finding the time to sleep

  • Deep sleep pillow spray produces sleep-inducing hormones that help the new mother fall asleep with ease.
  • This can be an excellent gift for a stressed new mother or one who suffers from anxiety.
  • Deep sleep uses natural ingredients that promote restful sleep.
  • In addition, it will help her sync sleep patterns with that of the newborns.


Wacaco Portable Minipresso Machine

A new mother is generally discouraged from taking coffee while breastfeeding.

However, you can still consume a moderate amount of caffeine. 

  • A portable espresso machine will ensure you get your daily fix on the go.
  • The mini espresso is lightweight
  • It doesn’t use electricity.
  • The new mother will use this product long after the baby is grown.


Baby Diaper Backpack

Newborns have very tiny stomachs. As a result, the newborn will need between 8 to 12 diapers in a day. 

This is mostly not a problem if you are sitting in the house. However, if you plan to get out of the house, a diaper backpack comes in handy. 

  • This backpack is spacious.
  • It comes with multi-pockets for storage.
  • You can store anything from laptops to baby toys.


Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

Wrapping a newborn is always a tricky affair. The ideal baby wrap baby carrier should provide comfort and security.

  • Moby Wrap Baby carrier ticks all the boxes every mother would want.
  • The wrap consists of soft, stretchy material that promotes bonding between the baby and mother.
  • It is an excellent gift for a mother who is always on the go and wants a hands-free baby-carrying experience.


Organic Breastfeeding Cream

Breast engorgement is a common problem among new mothers. Unfortunately, it often comes with discomfort and soreness. 

  • Breastfeeding creams help in postpartum recovery and alleviate any pains.
  • This Earth Mama breastfeeding cream is Department of Agriculture (USDA) certified.
  • While this is an intimate gift, the new mother will be glad to have it when the time comes.


OASCUVER Mama Bear Denim Hat

You don’t have to pull all the stops to give a great gift. 

Something as simple as a hat can make an excellent gift for a new mother. 

  • OASCUVER Mama Bear denim comes in 15 different colors.
  • The hat is 100% soft cotton material that is completely breathable.
  • The cap is also adjustable to fit all sizes.


Sweet water Décor Scented Candle

After a hectic day, the new mother will need to unwind. One way to relax is running a bath, playing your favorite songs, and lighting some scented candles. 

  • The wax in these candles are from American soy wax.
  • The wax is also packed with natural fragrances for ultimate relaxation.
  • Get the new mother this scented candle.
  • She will enjoy it for 40 hours total.


Mom Cosmetic Travel Bag

New moms typically don’t get enough sleep. 

Nighttime feeding and changing diapers takes up crucial sleep time. When it’s finally morning, they have just a few minutes to get ready.

  • Make up pouch allows the new mom to fix herself up on the go.
  • This bag is large enough to comfortably carry a purse, and some toiletries.


Comfy Faux Fur Anti-Skid House Slippers

Motherhood is all about protecting your newborn and guiding them through life. That journey starts by choosing the proper footwear. 

  • Since new mothers spend a lot of their time indoors, anti-skid house slippers are a great gift for new mothers.
  • These slippers have thick memory foam to support her all day.
  • Additionally, the soles have anti-skid grips to prevent the mother from slipping, especially when carrying the baby.
  • And the best part is that the house slippers are 100% machine washable.


Sweet Water Décor Coffee Mugs

You can help the new mom take her daily dose of caffeine in style by getting her one of these stylish coffee mugs.

  • These mugs are handwritten with motivational quotes to keep the mom going.
  • For mothers who are off caffeine, they can still use the mugs for cold or hot beverages of choice.
  • This is a great gift for a sister, friend or a family member.


Burt’s Bee Mama Belly Butter

The body undergoes a lot of stress during pregnancy. One common issue among most mothers is stretch marks

  • Burt’s Bee Mama belly butter is the perfect gift to help nourish a mother after or before pregnancy.
  • It gently softens the stretched skin and enriches the skin with vitamin E.
  • You can get this product for about $10 on Amazon.


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