15 Creative Gifts For Photographers: Capture A Great Present

We all have that visually inclined friend or family member that perpetually acts as the official photographer for events, trips, and even mundane hangouts.

While cameras and smartphones can turn anyone into a photographer, photography is a profound and creative art form that beautifully and creatively freezes memories in time and allows us to access them whenever we open a photo album.

While photographers may only need a camera and their artistic vision, there are so many amazing accessories and silly trinkets that make excellent gifts for photographers. You’ll see in the following section the vast array of gift items that will touch any photographer’s heart.

15 Best Gifts for Photographers

Below, we list the 15 best gifts for photographers that range in price to fit any gift giver’s budget without skimping on thoughtfulness, creativity, and poignancy.  

Night Sky Instax Photo Album

While photographers take thousands of photographs, they take pleasure in handpicking the very best to showcase for family, friends, and other onlookers. What better gift then, is a vessel to exhibit their photographs?

This lovely deep blue, starry night sky photo album is made for Polaroid photographs with specific dimensions that fit two photographs per page. 

Each page has front and back pockets for a total of 4 photographs, and there are 16 pages in this album.

We especially like the album cover that has its own pocket for a photograph that the photographer chooses to represent the theme of the album or simply to entice others to flip through it.


Metal Photo Clips Banner

These metal photo clips let you create a line of photographs that you can string up on the wall, around windows, or even hanging from the ceiling without damaging the walls with numerous tack holes.

Each string is 5 ft. long with 12 clips per string. Photographers can surround themselves with their favorite shots and change them out with each new shoot.


Instax Mini Picture Sleeve Magnet

The kitchen is where we spend most of our time and is one of the most communal rooms in the house, so the fridge door receives the most traffic. Fridges are every artist’s creative blank canvas, providing a large space to fill with creative expression.

That’s why these picture sleeve magnets are the perfect gift to allow photographers to decorate their fridge doors with pictures of their families, friends, favorite foods, and any other pictures that express who they are and what they love. 

They can fill their hearts with joy as they prepare to fill their bellies.


Air Pix Flying Camera

This awesome innovation in picture taking is akin to a drone in that it is a flying apparatus controlled by a remote. In this case, the remote is your smartphone that connects to the flying camera through an application that downloads to any brand phone.

The camera takes photographs and videos, propelled through the air by four turbofans that can levitate the camera up to 60 feet in the air. 

Pictures taken by the camera instantly appear on your smartphone app where you can download them into your phone or social media accounts.


DSLR Cheat Sheet Cards

Even seasoned photographers can learn something from this set of photography tips and definitions.

 Plus, note cards are a proven avenue for scholarly success as you can carry them around in your pocket and whip them out whenever you want to study or remember how to adjust something on your camera.

This set of cheat sheet cards comes with 20 pages of suggestions and tips for better photography techniques, definitions of certain components and settings on the camera, and how-to guides on how to execute certain adjustments to achieve pro shots.

Tips, definitions, and how-to guides apply to Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras.


Acrylic Color Camera Table Lamp

This vibrantly multi-colored LED night-light lamp is the perfect fixture for photography lovers to brighten up their offices, bedrooms, or living rooms. The lamp is a black canon camera sculpture with white outlines that change colors when switched on.

This lamp has 7 different color displays that change colors automatically, or you can manipulate and choose a fixed color with one touch of the button. It is also rechargeable via a USB port.


Film Camera Patent Wall Art Prints

This set of four vintage old-fashioned camera prints are visually and historically captivating for anyone, especially photographers. Each print dissects an old-fashioned camera, labeling each part with cursive calligraphy as if it were a manual for assembly.

In fact, each set of prints depicts a camera invented by two noteworthy innovators: George Eastman, the founder of Kodak Camera Company, and Frank Brownell, inventor of Kodak’s most popular camera.

These prints have an old-fashioned, yet refined look that you can dress up or down with the framing of your choice.


Professional Camera Cleaning Kit

Cameras are expensive and high-tech machines that require constant care in order to perform optimally for years to come. Therefore, any photographer would be forever grateful for this professional camera cleaning kit. 

This kit has everything you need to keep your camera impeccably clean and fully functional, including the following cleaning items:

  • Reusable spray bottle
  • Large brush for light dusting
  • Double-sided lens cleaning pen
  • Air blower
  • 1 50-sheet pack of lens tissues
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths


Warning Sign for Home Decor

This silly sign reads: “Warning, I May Snap At Any Time.” We all have that one friend or family member with a camera permanently hanging around their neck, snapping a million pictures during even the most mundane activities.

Surely, they have a sense of humor about their passion! That’s where this sign comes in as a humorous piece of home décor that represents their photographic tendencies.

Then again, it’s also a warning to camera-shy friends and family that they may spontaneously become the muse of an impromptu photo session.


Vintage Instant Print Camera Coffee Mug

There’s nothing like a coffee mug in the shape of a camera to announce your obsession with photography. Any self-respecting photographer has to own at least one. 

So, gifting your photography-loving friend or family member this camera-shaped coffee mug will always be a great idea. This ceramic coffee mug is dishwasher and microwave safe with a large 9 oz volume.

Plus, every time they raise it to their face for a hot sip, it’ll look like they’re snapping a polaroid.


Kovides Camera Home Decoration Wall Clock

This clock is made from a vinyl record, so the clock itself is located at the center of the record with three stenciled cutouts of cameras in the surrounding vinyl. 

This clock is an homage to photography and a creative recyclable art piece in one affordable, thoughtful, and unique gift. This piece makes a clear statement and will certainly be a conversation starter with admiring house or office guests.


Plush Sherpa Throw Blanket with Camera Imprint

Give your favorite photographer the gift of comfort and warmth with this soft and cozy photography-themed plush throw blanket.

This blanket uses high-quality microfiber polyester that retains heat without feeling too heavy and doesn’t lose its cozy texture after a machine wash. 

One side of it has a faux wool look, while the other side is a deep blue backdrop with a fun camera print and the poignant quote: You Don’t Need a Time Machine If You Have a Camera.


Photography Reflector Holder Stand Kit

If you want to help your photography-loving friend take their hobby to the next level, then this is the perfect gift to transform an amateur pastime into a refined and professional endeavor.

This stand comes with 5 different colored reflectors, an adjustable 71-inch telescopic arm stand, a grip head, a sandbag to maintain the stand’s equilibrium, and a zip-up reflector storage bag.

Reflectors bring a whole new element and depth to your photography as you can manipulate the color of light you desire and how light falls on the desired subject. Your photography-loving friend will love this eye-opening and creatively transformative gift.


Flashoot Professional Video Light

This is another one of those gifts that take photographic endeavors to new heights. However, this camera light is designed for shooting videos. 

It is a full-color LED video light with multiple modes that provide up to 16 million color combinations.

This light has a rechargeable battery, digital dimming capacity, and adjustable brightness for full control over color and light intensity. Just reading about this light’s multiple functions is exciting and sure to inspire new ideas for a photographer’s next video project.


Tripod Compact Camera Stand

This portable and moldable tripod is an excellent gift for photographers tired of using books, water bottles, or any other random object as an impromptu camera stand.

The three legs of this tripod are made from a bendy yet sturdy reinforced rubbery material that can stand alone or wrap around objects at any desired angle.

Lastly, the mounting component fits many different small camera frames, including GoPros.


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