11 Useful Gifts For Plant Lovers: A Garden Full Of Ideas

The natural world is diverse and exciting, and so are the gifts on this list, so you should focus on choosing a gift that best reflects the personality of the plant lover in your life. 

Plant lovers love to receive gifts that reflect their passion for nature and beauty. We will review some of the best gifts for plant lovers and people who love gardening. 

Is it your friend’s birthday? Are they celebrating a unique achievement? You can discover the perfect gift for a plant lover in this article. 

While we review each product, we will discuss its features and attributes so you can make an informed decision regarding which gift to purchase. 

Crazy Plant Lady Book

This fantastic book illustrated by Isabel Serna is loaded with vibrant artwork. The text celebrates all things related to plants, women, and the connections between the two. 

Any plant lover in your life would be pleased to receive this book as a gift. Your gift recipient can use the Crazy Plant Lady Book as a coffee table book or as an aesthetically pleasing book to add to her library.


Eeboo Plant Lady 1000 Piece Puzzle

The Eeboo Plant Lady 1000 Piece Puzzle is a beautiful gift for the plant fanatic in your life. The puzzle features artwork by Bodil Jane, and the puzzle pieces are composed of inks made with a vegetable base. 

Your plant lover will enjoy putting this puzzle together with their family members and friends. Eeboo is a company based on ethical principles, and this mother-centered enterprise uses sustainably sourced materials. 

If the plant lover in your life has children, then this is the perfect gift for the whole family.


Plant Mama Enamel Pin

The Plant Mama pin features a gold finish on its enamel and metal body. The plant lover in your life will enjoy decorating totes and jackets with this stylish accessory. 

This potted succulent and the phrase “Plant Mama” advertises the owner’s enthusiasm for botany, gardening, and horticulture. 

The business These Are Things manufactures the Plant Mama pin. Beginning its life in Ohio as a side project, it has developed into a thriving company run by Omar Noory and Jen Adrion. 

These artists have produced some amazing goods, and the Plant Mama pin is one of their most popular items. 


Terracotta Hydro Grow Kits

These terracotta grow kits composed of carbon, polypropylene, and recycled glass are sure to be a hit with the plant lover in your life. Aloe vera and prickly pear cactus are currently offered, and these include plant food and instructions. 

The seeds will sprout in 14 to 28 days. Hydroponic indoor grow kits offer a stylish and convenient way for your friend to practice using her green thumb. 

Every wick hydrates itself, and thus the kits do not require excessive watering or care. The busy plant lover in your life will appreciate how easy and convenient it is to care for the aloe vera plant and the prickly pear cactus. 

The only thing your gift recipient needs to provide is sunshine and water for these beautiful plants.


Garden Mama Doormat 

The Garden Mama doormat from Anthropologie is a fantastic gift for the busy gardener who seems to have everything. Your plant-loving friend will not suspect receiving a doormat as a gift, and this is no ordinary doormat. 

It is crafted from 100% natural coconut fiber and is intended for a sheltered area outside. 

This doormat features a rustic watering can next to trowels and radishes. Small seeds accent the doormat, and the phrase “garden mama” fills out space in two different fonts.

 A warm and inviting doormat is a great gift to be used in many different areas around the house or garden.


Plant-Dyed Cotton Bandana

Every plant lover needs a bandana made with dyes from pomegranates and onions. Rosemarine Textiles manufactures these stylish headbands, and they are a great gift idea for males and females. 

The manufacturer values environmental sustainability, and plant dyes are used to add vibrant color to these cotton bandanas. 

The charcoal bandana is dyed with iron and pomegranate rind and the deep violet bandana is dyed using logwood. The warm tan bandana is dyed with black, while the walnut and sage bandana is dyed with marigold and iron. 

These muted tones will please any plant lover in your life. 


Vanilla Plant-Based Collagen Boost Drink Mix

Does the plant lover in your life obsess about health products and skincare? If so, the Copina Co. Vanilla Plant-Based Collagen Boost Drink Mix is a great gift idea for the health-conscious plant fanatic. 

This vegan drink calms frazzled nerves while increasing collagen production in the body. 

One tablespoon blended with seven ounces of coffee, tea, or milk will yield a potent concoction of vanilla goodness. The Copina company values inner beauty as much as external beauty. 

The collagen drink mix not only enhances nails, skin, and hair but it promotes mental and emotional tranquility. 


Iris Rainbow Two-Tier Hanging Planter

Every plant lover needs an aesthetically satisfying place to hang plants. The Iris Rainbow Two-Tier Hanging Planter is a fabulous gift that can be used at home or in the office. 

The manufacturer handcrafts this earthenware planter, and each unit is unique. 

At 31.5 inches high and 7 inches wide, the hanging planter is compact enough to fit in a small apartment. The design will not look out of place in an office or a lobby either. 

Everyone who sees this gift will love the rich orange rainbow motif on the planter’s exterior. 


Haworthia Succulent Collection

Have you ever met a plant lover who didn’t swoon at the sight of succulents? Me neither, and these six lovely succulents will spark excitement and passion in the heart of any plant enthusiast. 

These plants are absolutely gorgeous, and they should be stored at temperatures between 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Caring for this collection is straightforward. Your plant lover should water each succulent two to four times each week. 

These succulents should not sit in water for long periods. Every collection includes a plastic grower’s pot and soil. 


Plant Makeup Primer

Every plant lover needs a strong makeup primer, and this product is the perfect gift for the fashionable plant lover. 

Calendula, lavender, and rose are some of the ingredients that make this makeup primer a great treatment for dry skin. Your plant lover can use this as cheek gloss and lip balm. 

All skin types can benefit from using this makeup primer. It is moisturizing and contains all plant-based ingredients, such as apricot kernel oil and shea butter. 

No genetically modified organisms are used in this makeup primer. Plant lovers can use this product after spending all day in the sun-lit garden. 


Ridiculously Rude Plants Mug

No plant lover can go very long without smiling or laughing, and if you want to add joy to your friend or family member’s life, then consider gifting the rude plants mug. The plants featured on this mug contain suggestive names that will keep your plant lover giggling. 

Stiffcock, the sausage tree, and nipplewort are some of the species featured on the mug. At the bottom of the base lies a secret, and it is only revealed after the last bit of coffee is drained. 

If you want to add some humor and playful laughter to your plant lover’s life, then the rude plants mug is the ideal gift. 

The detailed and precise illustrations make this a beautiful mug. 


Gifts Plant Lovers Enjoy

Plant lovers enjoy creative gifts that focus on their hobby. People who love plants enjoy many different gifts.

Some plant enthusiasts love to use ceramic baskets while picking items in the garden. A quality ceramic basket is a great gift for a plant lover. 

Also, individuals with green thumbs love artwork decorated with their favorite plant species. Plant lovers enjoy decorating their homes with images of their favorite plants and flowers. 

The most obvious gift for your plant lover is a unique pot or planter. However, plant lovers also love new gardening tools, so learning about gardening and your plant lover’s personal taste is the best way to choose the perfect gift for your friend or family member. 

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