17 Best Gifts For Runners: Essentials For The Long-Haul

While non-runners may not understand the obsession, running is a highly addicting, meditative, and endorphin flooding activity that has all runners hooked. Once runners find their stride, they’ll never want to miss their daily run.

A great thing about running is that it’s fairly low maintenance, that is, all you really need is your body, your will, and the ground under your feet. However, there are plenty of excellent running accessories that make every runner’s life easier and every run more enjoyable.

If you want to support your family member or friend’s passion for running, check out these excellent options below that make perfect gifts for runners.

Oak and Reed On-the-run iPhone Arm Band

This iPhone armband by Oak and Reed not only fits snuggly and securely around your arm, but it also has separate compartments for other valuable items like cash, i.d. cards, and keys. 

The armband uses neoprene fabric, which is the same fabric used for wetsuits, meaning you can sweat to your heart’s content without worrying about a drop soaking through to your phone. 

Additionally, the sleeve for the armband has a thick plastic touchpad, which further protects your phone from sweaty fingers if you want to change songs mid-run. 

Runners love to sync their stride to the beat of their favorite song, and this armband helps them do it safely and conveniently.


L.L. Bean Active Women’s Hiking Socks

L.L. Bean engineered these socks especially for rugged, high-activity use with extra cushioning under the foot along with extra fabric under the heel and forefoot to prevent wear from excessive walking or running.

The socks use the highest quality wool and PrimaLoft yarns to prevent odor and absorb sweat, making them the perfect socks for daily runs. 

They are well-worth their price because their durable design will outlast any ordinary sock twofold. 


Hemp Massage Cube

This is a gift you can feel ethically good about purchasing. Made from all-natural plant oils and hemp extract, this massage cube has naturally relaxing and rehabilitating powers for sore runner’s muscles.

Healthline claims that hemp is a natural anti-inflammatory agent and combines with Eucalyptus- another ingredient in this cube- to provide soothing, hot-cold therapy for the muscles.  

Furthermore, when you buy this product, Uncommon Goods will donate a portion of the proceeds to planting a tree, so you can soothe your loved one’s running aches while contributing to a healthy environment.


Vive Foot Rocker

This foot rocker has an ergonomic design that manages to stretch your calf, ankle, and foot musculature which are all integral to running health. 

One of the most common running injuries is stress fractures in the foot and ankle bones. This foot rocker stretches the muscles in your feet, ankles, and adjoining calves while also ensuring proper blood circulation, thereby preventing inflammation and tightness that lead to more serious injuries.

A bonus accessory that accompanies the rocker is a spiked ball that you can run your feet over for a wonderful post-stretch massage. 


Cooling, Sweat Absorbing Gym Towel

Whether you’re buying gifts for an outdoor runner or a gym rat, this towel has it all. It works by soaking it in cool water, wringing it out, and placing it on the part of your body you want to cool down.

Not only will this towel cool you off on a hot day or a long run, but it also absorbs sweat efficiently and has UPF 50 sun protection. The sun is no match for this towel that whisks away sweat and prevents sunburns. 


Bluetooth Ponytail Hands-Free Headphones

This Bluetooth beanie by EverPlus keeps your ears warm, looks great, and acts as a set of unobtrusive, comfortable headphones.

There are speakers built into the inside of the beanie that sync with your smartphone via Bluetooth so that you can listen to music or podcasts on a winter’s day run without having to worry about pesky earbuds being jostled and falling out of your ears. 


Runners Calendar

This 2021 Runner’s Calendar is a great gift for beginner runners who want to hold themselves accountable for daily or weekly runs and seasoned runners who want to keep track of their progress as they train for their next marathon or race.

The calendar has specific entry boxes for running times, distances, heart rates, and speeds along with space for daily reflections and goals. Additionally, there are entries for weekly averages to track improvements. 


Premium Muscle Roller Stick

This super lightweight yet powerful and profound massage tool is both portable and effective. Runners, hikers, and active people of all kinds can take it with them for a post-workout massage.

It is small enough to fit in a backpack or you could keep it at the office or in your gym locker for easy access. Running is a high-impact, full-body workout that causes stiffness and sore muscles, so having a muscle roller stick on hand is a smart idea to avoid chronic muscle aches and tension.

This roller stick is inexpensive, durable, and will keep those muscles loose and pain-free. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


Pastabilities On-the-Run Pastas

These hilarious runner-shaped pastas are for those of us who have a sense of humor about our running obsession, or just can’t get enough running and need to be reminded of how much we love it as we carbo-load.

These are delicious, nutritious, and fun for the whole family. They would be an excellent pre-marathon meal to share as a family while pumping up that special runner for race day.


Cliff Bloks Energy Chews

These chewable energy bits by Cliff are the ultimate runners’ aid. They provide energy and replenish vital electrolyte stores, not to mention that they come in a large variety of super tasty flavors. 

Runners not only need to stay hydrated, but they also need electrolyte and energy supplements to maintain optimal performance during endurance runs and training. These chews supply a runner with everything they need to run their hearts out, and it comes in one bite-sized package.


Temple Tape Headbands

These sleek and simple headbands are great for men and women. Running, like all strenuous activity, causes the sweat to pour out of every pore, and there is nothing more annoying than sweat stinging your eyes during a run.

These bands are designed to stay put on any head shape while absorbing and catching all sweat. It comes in a bunch of colors, so you can choose your favorite runner’s favorite color to keep the sweat at bay.


Lace Tags

These lace tags are a personal and sentimental gift that will constantly remind a runner of your love and support every time they lace up their shoes.

These tags are a veritable runner’s charm bracelet, securing to the laces and fitting seamlessly into any pair of runners. They are the perfect gift to warm your favorite runner’s heart while motivating them with uplifting phrases to help them find their second wind.


Clip-on Shoe Lights

These shoe lights by PROSOLO come in an 8-pack of assorted colors. These lights are the perfect gift for early morning and late-night runs. We may be able to see lights of oncoming car and bike traffic, but that doesn’t mean that they can see us.

Runners are free to enjoy their runs without constantly looking over their shoulders as these lights make them unavoidably visible to any unsuspecting vehicle. With these lights, you’re giving your runner buddy the gift of safety and peace of mind in a bright assortment of colors.


Knee Compression Sleeves

Perhaps you wouldn’t think that knee compression sleeves are a gift, but what better gift is there than pain-free running?

These compression sleeves hold the knee snuggly in place, providing stability and pressure necessary to protect and relieve any knee pain during a run.

Whether recovering from an injury or simply interested in running for years to come, runners would love these lightweight, moisture absorbing, and stabilizing sleeves. 


Wearable Weight Set

These colorful one-pound rainbow wrist weights are a great gift for runners wanting to up their game. They add enough weight to tone your arms while you run without being too overbearing.

Plus, they’re so fun and vibrant that you could wear them about town and get compliments on your colorful bangles.


Huggable Soth Cooling and Heating Pad

This sloth heating pad wins the cutest runner’s gift award. Its super soft snuggly weight makes it the perfect healing comfort for all your running pains. You can microwave it to use as a heating pad or stick it in the freezer like an ice pack.

Whichever temperature sore muscles may need, getting some pain relief delivered by a cuddly sloth is the best possible antidote. 


Running Themed Ceramic Mug

Show your mother or wife some love with this ceramic coffee mug that highlights her best attributes as a runner and a mother in technicolor writing.

 It will soon become her go-to coffee mug and a daily reminder of how much you appreciate her for everything that she is, namely, a dedicated and loving mother and runner!


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