17 Best Gifts For Writers: Creative And Author-Inspiring Ideas

Fiction, satire, short stories, journalism, blogging – every writer has their style. Writing is an art form, and some are born with it while others work hard to be great at it. 

Regardless of the path they’re on, the writer in your life has a magnificent passion. Even if you’re not a fellow writer yourself, you can still help drive that passion and inspire words to come. 

These gifts for writers are ones we’ve specifically chosen to do just that. 

Fred Happy Camper Eraser and Sharpener Set

One thing every writer should have is a unique workspace that’s totally personalized to their taste. If you have a writer friend who also loves to travel and camp, they will absolutely love this adorable eraser set. 


Storymatic Game

Believe it or not, the writer in your life might like to write just to write, not because they’re necessarily penning the next great American novel. The Storymatic Game is a great gift for writers that allows them to explore their storytelling capabilities.

Storymatic includes two sets of cards that will dictate a player’s character traits and situation. Each player must follow the rules and create their story based on these cards.

It’s fun for the writer, who can force their illiterate family members to play and lose against them! 


Letterpress Initial Necklace 

A good journalist knows all about the printing press and how they used to print newspapers back in the day. It was a long and grueling process, and it no doubt has made many journalists today thankful for our high-tech operations. 

These letterpress initial necklaces, which are mounted on sterling silver, reflect the beginnings of journalism and celebrate its history, making them the perfect gift for your writer friend. 


BestSelf WordSmith Deck

As young writers, we can all remember being given prompts in school. We’d have to write about a specific topic for a certain amount of time or length. 

While these prompts may have been mundane for many of the students, it was these same prompts that likely sparked a joy for many of today’s writers.

So why not dive back into prompts now? The BestSelf WordSmith Deck offers 150 prompts that serve to keep writers creative, energized, fearless, and motivated. 

And it makes for a really fun and exciting gift. 


Ernest Hemingway Luxury Pen 

They say the pen is mightier than the sword. We’re pretty sure the person who said that was referring to any kind of pen, but we feel that the mightiest words of them all come from luxury pens.

The Ernest Hemingway pen is a great tool beautifully packaged in a satin-lined case. It will continue to inspire your writer friend with the quote, “In order to write about life, first you must live it.” 

Ah, Hemingway. 


The Writer’s Toolbox

Ah, the dreaded mental block. As writers, we all try to avoid it. But thanks to The Writer’s Toolbox, there’s no longer any reason to fear it. 

The writer in your life will truly appreciate this toolbox, which is chock full of creative games and writing exercises to help spark ideas. It includes helpful things like writing prompts to get the creative juices flowing. 


Writer Stainless Steel Water Bottle

There’s something about having a passion or a hobby that makes us want to show it off to everyone, even strangers. This stainless steel water bottle lets a writer identify themself to those they come into contact with.

This 21-ounce bottle proudly boasts the phrase, “It’s okay, writers should be strange.” 

With a flip=up spout and a removable straw, the writer in your life will get a kick out of this bottle and will gladly carry it with them on their journeys to the bookstore and the coffee shop. 


Boogie Board Blackboard Note

Back in the day, writers would scribble notes, ideas, and stories on paper with blank ink pens, only to crumble the pages up in frustration and angrily toss them at the wastebasket. 

Today, writers tend to be a little more conscientious of the environment – and wasting paper simply isn’t cool anymore.

The Boogie Board Blackboard Note is a paperless notepad that makes a great gift for a writer with lots of notes and ideas. It’s lightweight, portable, and erases with the click of the button for continual use. 


Writer Emergency Pack  

Writing prompts are excellent tools for writers, but what’s even better than that? 

Prompts with pictures. 

The Writer Emergency Pack has 26 illustrated idea cards that give writers a visual to work with, rather than being confined to their own experiences and ideas. 

It also has 26 detail cards that offer both helpful suggestions and specific tips. All of these come together as the perfect tool kit to help a writer suffering writer’s block – or one who simply wants to explore beyond their own knowledge. 


Gzrlyf Writer Bracelet 

Even writers get to have style! This Gzrlyf Writer Bracelet makes for an adorable gift for the female writer in your life. 

It’s stainless steel and hypo-allergenic and includes fun writer-themed charms. The round charm boasts a sassy quote that will give any writer a good chuckle. 

Plus, it goes with everything! 


Creative Block

Mental block: it’s a writer’s worst enemy. Nothing is worse for a writer than when they sit down at their laptop and stare into the abyss of their screen because they’ve got nothing. 

The Creative Block is a fun tool that proposes over 100 brainstorming ideas to overcome that mental block. The prompts can help a writer find inspiration and tap into their creativity once again. 


Typewriter Coaster Set

Who in their right mind doesn’t love a fun novelty gift? While writers tend to be very serious about their work, it doesn’t mean all of their gifts have to be quite so serious. 

These typewriter coasters come in a set of five and showcase the keyboard of an old-fashioned typewriter. They sit conveniently in a holder that just so happens to mirror a miniature typewriter. 

How cute! 


Author PopSocket

Yes, another personality gift! The Author PopSocket is a convenient little gift that’s functional and personal, as it lets the writer in your life let everyone know what they’re thinking: they’d rather be writing.

Funny, sarcastic, and functional – is there even a better gift in existence? Well, probably, but this one will stay close to your writer’s side at all times, so they’ll always think of you when they look at it!


Silver Type Key Cufflink

Any dedicated writer will instantly recognize the old-fashioned print of real vintage typewriting letters. These cufflinks display a writer’s initials using that same nostalgic font, which will make them feel in line with some of the greats of the past. 

They make the perfect addition to any fancy outfit, so your lover of words can wear them to their first book reading as a famous, published author. 


Do Not Disturb Door Knob Sign 

If you have a closer relationship with a writer, you probably already know how much we tend to procrastinate. The world is full of distractions, and it can be difficult for a writer to find a truly quiet place to work.

This door knob sign is a fun little gift to surprise a dedicated writer with. It features “do not disturb” and “writer at work” on the front, so they can hang it on their door whenever they need to block the world out. 


Courage Over Comfort Deck  

Writers are always looking for inspiration, whether that’s in nature, in a person, or in a small coffee shop down the street. The Courage Over Comfort Deck includes 150 prompts cards that both challenge and inspire daily life.

Not only can your loved ones begin to discover their best self, but they may just find the inspiration they’ve been longing for. 


Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen

Not every writer prefers to use a standard keyboard. While we certainly have the convenient option of technology on our side, many writers love the feel of pen on paper. 

This Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen offers an elegant way for a writer to transform ink into beautiful words. It has a sleek appearance that will look good on any desk and performs fantastically with an extra-fine nib. 


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